Mobile SDKs Overview

In this section of the documentation you will learn how to configure simple demonstration mobile apps which will make use of our mobile Android and iOS SDKs. You will also learn the methods involved in making use of the MIRACL Trust Digital Verified Signature (DVS) scheme.

There are two types of demo apps:

  1. A simple scanned login app which can be used to scan a QR code to kick off a pin pad registration and login flow

  2. A local login app which can be used to show how the mobile SDK can be used to create a mobile app with its own in-app registration/authentication flow which is connected to a backend service.

Both demo apps will achieve the goal of setting up a simple app which is connected to the authentication portal. They will deal with the user registration and authorization process whereby a user:

  1. Registers a new email address
  2. Responds to an email confirmation link
  3. Sets up a PIN
  4. Logs in with the new PIN

On re-entering the app it will then check to see if the user is already present and, if so, prompt for entry of the previously set up PIN.