Admin Portal Overview

The MIRACL Trust Portal is a website which provides the administrative facilities for the MIRACL Trust platform, a cloud-based zero password authentication solution. It enables you to perform tasks based on your user privileges.

While logged in you can:

  • Add and manage users within your company – they can be given rights to view dashboards, manage apps, manage support tickets and manage the accounts of other people within your company
  • Create a new app – defaults as a trial lasting for one month.
  • Download app parameters – these parameters are needed to connect the web app to the MIRACL Trust authentication service.
  • Access SDKs – obtain the language-specific functionality to add the MIRACL Trust login button to your web app, and learn the code to manage the MIRACL Trust authentication flow for your end users.
  • Manage apps – move your app status to Live (via a credit card payment) or Closed.
  • View dashboards – view access usage data and dashboards, including events selected per month, day, time of the day, geo location. Events include new user registration and active user distribution. The dashboards are visible as global aggregated data, or on an app basis.

Note that, to function optimally, the MIRACL Trust portal requires Google Chrome 15+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 46+, Microsoft Edge 11/12.

Also note that the mobile application has a minimum requirement of Android 4.1 and iOS 8.