View App Dashboard

Once logged in to the portal, the first page presented is your app dashboard, displaying two reports (see below). Both reports start with a summary of the totals for active users and apps, based on the view (Year, Month or Day. Default is Month).


  • 'Active user' – an end-user with a MIRACL Trust-enabled app installed on their mobile device
  • 'App' – a mobile app using the MIRACL Trust platform for authentication
  • 'Authentications' – when an end user has used MIRACL Trust to log in to an app

Active / New Users per Month

dboard The report selected by default shows active users. Click on the New Users button if you want to switch to new users.

Active Users by Location

dboard Shows user distribution in graphical form on a world map.


By clicking on 'Authentications' it is also possible to see how many end users have logged in to all your apps, both by time period:


and by geographical location: