Register / Create new app

Note that, to function optimally, the MIRACL Trust portal requires Google Chrome 15+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 46+, Microsoft Edge 11/12.

Also note that the mobile application has a minimum requirement of Android 4.1 and iOS 8.

Before you can begin integrating with the MIRACL Trust authentication services, you must register as a developer in the authentication portal at To do this, click on the 'Get Started' button on the portal homepage.

Now fill in your details and click 'Submit':

register details

You will then be presented with the login screen. Here, if browser login is enabled, you can register a new ID and create a PIN code for in-browser authentication. Or you can scan a QR code, either with the MIRACL Trust app if you already have it installed, or with a normal QR reader which will prompt you to download and install the app:

simple qr login


Whether you choose in-browser or mobile app login, you will be prompted to:

  1. Register
  2. Confirm your identity (by email activation)
  3. Create a 4-digit PIN
  4. Login

Once logged in, go to 'Apps' and click 'Add a New app'.

Now enter the details for your app:

add app

In the ‘Domain' field, enter the app user's company domain name. MIRACL Trust uses it to find out whether the user is external or internal, which determines pricing later on.

The Redirect URL

An absolutely vital point to understand here is that the Redirect URL is the URL which is used to send the user back to your app once authentication has been approved, to enable the final retrieval of user details.

In the demo applications for the SDKs, this is set to be the appurl/login endpoint. When running the demo app for any of the SDKs, this should be set according to the port which the demo server is listening on. For example, the script of the Flask demo app contains'',port=5000), which means the app will be running on and therefore the redirect url will be Likewise, the sinatra_sample.rb script for the Ruby demo app contains set :port, 5000, so the redirect url will also be

In both the demo apps and your own bespoke apps, you can of course change these to e.g'',port=8080) or set :port, 8888 or whatever port or url you want to use. The key thing is that, in the 'Add New App' screen above you enter the redirect url value which will match the one generated by your server script.

In the settings screen for your newly-created app, click 'Show Keys':

app settings page

You will be presented with your app Client ID and Client Secret keys. These can also be downloaded as a json file.

Note that you can control the Login Methods available (QR Code requires customer usage of the mobile app. While Browser Login enables logging in within the desktop browser, without the mobile app)

Armed with this information you are now ready to continue your integration!